Marketing tips of the trade/pinterest 

  1. Social media is easy to use, everyone has their favourite and is using at least one social media platform. The last 5 years has reported an increase on social media usage, especially by the elderly and the youth. It is also easy to set up and integrate social media platforms to your business or your website.
  2. Social Media Builds trust – between you and your customers. It’s another means of communicating and building relationships with your customers. Social media marketing is generally seen as socialising instead of advertising making it easier for your customers to trust you.
  3. It allows you to be personal and also benefits from instant feedback from your customers.
  4. The “shareability” factor of social media is a huge advantage for marketing your service or products to the masses. Social media users are doing to work for you by sharing it amongst their friends and the web.
  5. It’s the best form of information sharing, you are not limited to the same industry, but through sharing information to the masses you can create a demand for your product with a market you may not have directly targeted before.
  6. You can be more creative with marketing your product or service by using visuals like short videos and photos that doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to produce.
  7. You can be in contact with your suppliers, customers and competition 24 hrs a day and vice versa. Networking is made much easier and with the introduction to smartphones and tablets your customers are only a click away.
  8. Social media has enabled small business and individuals who previously only relied on word of mouth advertising to grow their business without a large marketing budget.
  9. There are many social media channels to choose from to reach your market from Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, google + to gaming sites like Minecraft or by using a range of these channels.
  10. Social media marketing like all online marketing tools are measurable and it’s easy to see whether a social media strategy is having a positive effect on your business or the marketing goals that were set.