Where did it Start?

My career always involved Marketing some 20 years ago, and my journey started in the Advertising industry when storyboards were still hand drawn and presentations were delivered in boardrooms. I began to really understand Marketing strategies and Communication strategies through working in various countries, diverse industries, organisations and cultures. I believe in constant innovation, embracing technology and setting realistic and achievable outcomes without losing creativity.

Settled in beautiful East Sussex, I now use my experience and knowledge to develop Digital Marketing strategies for small to medium business owners in the local area.  Over the last few years, this service has also developed into a mentoring and coaching service to help my clients to maintain and provide them with the tools and skill to continue their marketing efforts.  This is a role that I particularly enjoy and I think that my passion for the industry reflects. 

As a consultant, the service I offer my clients are always personal and tailored with the emphasis on excellent customer service and long-lasting business relationships. 
I understand what it’s like running your own business and managing limited budgets and skills. I also understand the value of local networking, collaboration and Business to business (B2B) marketing.

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Getting to know me…

I don’t make promises that I can’t keep and therefore the objectives set for each project from the start should be achievable, realistic and measurable. I am honest and fair. My aim is not to deceive or make false claims, but to build long-term business relationships and happy, return customers.

“Don’ eat rice cakes, eat pancakes

Go all out in whatever you do; in work or personal. Indulge sometimes, take calculated risks, don’t be afraid to be creative and different. I find a reason to laugh every day and like to surround myself with positive and inspiring people.

To To try to successfully fulfill the Marketing needs you require, and to do so in your best interest, time and budget.
To make sure you stay well informed and regularly updated throughout the process and most importantly, that you are completely satisfied with the end results.


Currently updating…  You can also find recommendations or endorcements on  LinkedIn
“Currently updating…  You can also find recommendations or endorcements on  LinkedIIn